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  • Fall Faculty Retreat
  • Thanks from Kate Tilleczek
  • Sale of Luminaries for 2013 UPEI Cancer Society Relay for Life
  • Right to Play in PEI Schools and our Faculty this weekBook Orders
  • Call for Nominations: Hessian Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Sessional Instructor
  • Invitation for written submissions: CAP Journal

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This is just a reminder that the Fall Faculty Retreat is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, 22-Nov-2013.  More details will be provided at a later date.

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Kate sends a hearty “THANKS” from the CEA conference in Calgary where she is accepting her award.  Thanks so much for your warm notes of congratulations. : )

I am  grateful to work within the UPEI Faculty of Education with such committed and passionate faculty and graduate students.  You may be interested in this amazing CEA conference I am attending- What is standing in the way of educational change?   You can read more here.   We still have lots to learn about how to move the education agenda forward for the betterment of all of our young people.


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The UPEI Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life is scheduled to take place at UPEI on 01-Nov-2013. Luminaries (candles placed in special bags that bear the names of cancer survivors and loved ones who have lost their battle with cancer) will be displayed again during the entire duration of the UPEI Relay for Life (from 6pm-61m) and will be the feature of a very special ceremony at 10pm honoring all the caregivers who support(ed) individuals with cancer.

You can support this initiative by purchasing a Luminary to honour those who have faced cancer in your life.  Luminaries will cost $5 each and are available for purchase in Memorial 402.

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Right To Play, a humanitarian organization that empowers children through sports programs in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world, is in PEI for this week and next as part of a national initiative across Canada in 330 schools.  The focus of the National Inspirational Speaker Series is twofold – first, exposing students from Grades 3-12 to Canada’s Athlete Ambassadors and their life-changing stories to inspire them to become more active, set goals and follow their dreams; second, sharing stories of hope from the children and youth in Western and Francophone Africa who actively participate in Right To Play’s programs.

Guest presenters for PEI are Martin Parnell, Canadian athlete ambassador who completed an astonishing 250 marathons in one year, set four Guinness World Records and, in March of this year, returned from Kilimanjaro after running a marathon and three days later summiting the mountain in 21 hours.  Martin completed a four-month cycling expedition from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa in 2011 and on that trip experienced first-hand the power of sport and its effect on the lives of children across the African continent.  He has since launched a program in schools in Benin, West Africa.  Martin is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and author of Marathon Quest which shows how, through determination and persistence, one person can effect change, one step at a time.  With Martin,  for his first time in PEI, is Matt Appleby, a graduate in kinesiology from Western University who currently works for Right to Play developing youth leadership skills in inner city Toronto schools.

This week’s program, under Basil’s coordination, includes presentations in Mount Stewart, Westwood, West Kent, Stratford,  Parkdale, Queen Charlotte, Sherwood and St. Jeans, followed by 9 schools in Western PEI next week.  A special presentation with 44 of our teacher interns – the first ever for Right to Play – will take place in Social Studies Methods this Thursday morning from 10:15 – 11:20 in MacDougall Hall 328.  Faculty and staff are most warmly welcomed and if you are planning on attending please email Basil by Wednesday noon to be assured a seat.  It is hoped that this initiative will be a launching pad for a Play Academy and Today We Play day in Island schools next spring, 2014.

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The UPEI Bookstore is requesting that book orders for January classes be submitted to the Bookstore by 01-Nov-2013.

If there are access codes/e-books for online course content, please include the ISBN for these items in your order. They would like to give students more choices with the convenience of being able to pick up all of their course materials at the Bookstore.  Many students take advantage of the different forms of payment offered such as charging to their student account.

Please be sure to send the correct ISBN, especially for text packages and/or e-books to ensure ordering of the proper text books. If there is no text book required for a course, it would be greatly appreciated if instructors would also notify the Bookstore.  Please also indicate if your course is cross listed.

If you require students to have other course materials such as specific calculators, dissection kits, clickers, graph paper, notebooks etc. you can email the bookstore to ensure sufficient quantities are in the store.

You can order using one of the following methods:

  •  Our blue book requisition forms
  • E-mail
  • Fax:  902-628-4347
  • Online

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UPEI’s Hessian Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Sessional Instructor honours a Sessional Instructor for outstanding performance in teaching.  Those teaching awards publicly acknowledge individuals whose work has contributed to instructional excellence at UPEI.

The UPEIFA’s Hessian Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching Committee is currently calling for nominations for this award.  The deadline for nominations is noon, 18-Nov-2013.  Information about the awards and nomination forms are available at the Faculty Association Office (Main Building, Room 315).

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The Canadian Association of Principals (CAP) advocates for Principals and Vice-Principals at the national level. Working with other national educational groups, CAP presents the views and opinions of Principals, Assistant-Principals, Vice-Principals and other school administrators regarding a variety of issues and in many different forums.

CAP is requesting written submissions for their next publication with the theme: Global Forces – Reshaping the Future of School Leadership. If you have articles or studies of approximately 1000 – 1250 words, CAP would be pleased to include them for consideration. The deadline for submissions is 15-Nov-2013.

Please note the CAP journal has a print version and an electronic publication. Amendments to accommodate space requirements may be necessary, however any revision would be approved prior to publication. Works can be e-mailed directly to K.J. White (CAP Eastern Vice President, & CAP Journal Editor).  Submissions are preferred as a Word document, 1000 – 1250 words in length. Authors should include a writer’s biography, not to exceed 40 words, containing designation, credentials and/or any relevant experience.  Please do not hesitate to contact K.J. White if you have further questions.

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