FEC Meeting Dates

Faculty of Education Council Meeting Dates


NOTE:  Faculty of Education Council Meetings are critically important for faculty to attend.  Your input is needed on matters important to the Faculty.
  • Friday, September 6, 1pm-3pm
  • Friday, October 4, 1pm-3pm
  • Friday, November 1, 1pm-3pm
  • Friday, December 13, 1pm-3pm
  • Friday, January 17, 1pm-3pm
  • Friday, February 21, 1pm-3pm
  • Thursday, March 26, 1pm-3pm
  • Thursday & Friday, April 16-17 (Retreat:  Confederation Centre of the Arts)
  • Wednesday, April 29, 1pm-3pm
  • Friday, May 22, 1pm-3pm
  • Friday, June 26, 1pm-3pm

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