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The Faculty of Education assembled for some well attended events recently, and here is a brief update….

right-to-be-coldOn 15-June-2018, we gathered with other staff and faculty on campus to discuss the book The Right to be Cold by Sheila Watt-Coultier.  The book club was well attended, with interesting discussion on many themes in the book.  If you have a book to suggest for the next book club, please let the Dean know.


The Faculty retreat was held June 21 & 22, at the PEI Farm Centre. The Faculty extends gratitude to all who participated and gave their creative input to exploring our identity, the strategic plan, and future directions.

In addition to being a really productive meeting, the retreat featured social time at the Merchant Man Next Door, and a community building activity at East Coast Art Party.  Thank you all, who arranged, participated, and helped out.

east coast art party.jpg


On 05-July-2018, Sylvain Gagné graciously offered to take our international students, staff and faculty on a tour of his blueberry fields and bumblebee hives!  The afternoon adventure included a small barbeque with hotdogs and snacks.  Sylvain is a botanist, ecologist and blueberry-ologist (le meilleur fermier de myrtilles). Thank you for a very fun and informative day, Sylvain!

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The Faculty of Education Council meetings have been scheduled for the 2018-2019 academic year.  You can find a list of meeting dates here.

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GoldstarCongratulations to Sean Wiebe on two new publications!  “Currere in a new tonality: A tetradic analysis,” co-authored with Peter Gouzouasis, was published in JCT Online.  You can find the abstract and article here. 


GoldstarIn addition, Dr. Wiebe’s article “Curriculum as playlist: Responses of synopsis and expansion,” was published in Taylor Francis Online. That abstract and article can be accessed here.


GoldstarCongratulations to Dr. Jane Preston, Mr. Kent Avery and Ms Carolyn Huggan, on their peer-reviewed article published in the journal, in education.  The article, “The flipped classroom: High school student engagement through 21st century learning” can be accessed here.  The authors are appreciative of the Joint Educational Research Group, Faculty of Education, for funding this research.


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