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Ecamps define themselves as ‘un-conferences’ and function within a now well established worldwide model that includes: (i) a flexible free flowing agenda that gets chosen by the participants themselves on the day, (ii) the absence of formal speakers, (ii) a no-fee registration policy, and a democratic expectation that all participants join in the conversation equitably.  Edcamps encourage people to “choose with their feet” and freely circulate between discussions circles until they find the forums that genuinely engage them.  The events are community based and seek to break down silos and bring together educators, teachers, community and all key stakeholders in reform.  If you have never experienced an Edcamp, there is no time like now to try this remarkable formula.  Join us on June 9th for a day of dialogue and community building.

This year’s umbrella theme is entitled Tech-ucation and seeks to examine all aspects of the relationship between technology and education.  All conversation topics are welcomed.  The day event will be held in the Don and Marion McDougall Hall (MCDH) at UPEI.  Join us in Market Square at 9.30 over coffee and discuss the topic you would like to see discussed in sessions.

Follow all discussions on Twitter throughout the day at #edcampcharlottetown

For information and free registration, visit the Eventbrite page.

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The UPEI bookstore is requesting textbook orders for Fall 2018 classes before June 16, 2018.  Book orders for the Spring/Summer semester can be submitted by email or through the on-line order form.

Please submit your book orders to the UPEI Bookstore as soon as possible.

Please be sure to send the correct ISBN, especially for text packages and/or e-books to ensure ordering of the proper text books.

If there is no text book required for a course, please notify the Bookstore so that this can be noted on the student text list. Also, please indicate if your course is cross listed.

Please include the ISBN for any access codes/e-books that your course offers in your order. Please indicate if the access code is a requirement for the students to pass the course, or if it would be recommended for studying.

The Bookstore would like to give students more options for course materials (Binder editions, E-texts, Softcover, Used Books etc)

If you require students to have other course materials such as specific calculators, dissection kits, clickers, graph paper, notebooks etc. you can email the bookstore to ensure they have sufficient quantities in the store. Many students take advantage of the different forms of payment offered (such as charging to their student account), so being able to offer the supplies as well as the text provides them with the convenience of purchasing everything together.

The Faculty encourages all instructors to utilize the service of the bookstore as much as possible.

Your cooperation is much appreciated.

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This past month has been a time of great celebration!  This past May 12th ceremony celebrated the graduation of 13 students from the Adult Education certificate program, as well as 55 students from our BEd program, 20 from our BEd (français langue seconde) program, 111 Masters of Education program and from the 3 PhD program.


Dr. Mary MacPhee, Dr. Gabriela Sanchez, and Dr. Alaina Roach-O’Keefe

Update: A special congratulations to Dr. Gabriela Sanchez on receiving the Governor General’s Medal for Graduate Studies at UPEI during the convocation ceremony.


Congratulations Class of 2018!

We also celebrated the following awards with our graduating students:

  • Practicum Excellence Award – Angela MacGillivray
  • Practicum Excellence Award – Katheryn Cormier
  • Practicum Excellence Award – Katie McAlduff
  • Practicum Excellence Award – Brynn Van Wiechen
  • Practicum Excellence Award – Amanda Taylor
  • Practicum Excellence Award – Keila Neill
  • The Anne Hopkins Award – Anita Casey
  • The Eric Stanley Hills Memorial Scholarship – Hannah Bigelow
  • The PEI Retired Teachers’ Association Graduation Prize – Kelsey Duffy
  • The Sisters of Notre Dame Convent BED Graduating Student Award – Andrew Kostyniuk
  • The Faculty of Education Prize – John Russell

In addition to graduation awards, we celebrated our BEd entrance award recipients and donors at an event on 23-May-2018.

Congratulations to all our award winners and graduates, and a special thank you to every member of our team that contributes to the UPEI experience of our students and the celebration of their achievements.

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sponge bob

The Faculty of Education Retreat 2018 will take place June 21 & 22 at the PEI Farm Centre, 420 University Avenue, Charlottetown.

A schedule of the retreat is under development and will be available prior to the event.  A social event is being planned at the Merchantman Next Door following the Thursday meetings (starting at 4pm).  Details to follow.

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GoldstarCongratulations to Dr. Frederic Fovet on the recent publication of his article “Reflecting on intersectionality – Are we looking at international students through a unidemnsional lens?”.  The article was published in Forum (Spring Edition: Our Gendered World), by the Amsterdam: European Association for International Education. A link to the article is here.


GoldstarCongratulations also to Dr. Frederic Fovet on the recent publication of “Making do with what we have: using the built in functions of a Learning Management System to implement UDL.”  The article was published in The Ahead Journal by the Association for Higher Education Access and Disability. A link to the article is here.


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