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  • Second Open Forum Regarding UPEI Internal Research Funding – 16-July-2013
  • New Moodle Coming in September
  • BEd Coordinator
  • Thank you Pamela
  • Brick Work on Memorial Hall

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A second open forum regarding the UPEI Internal Research Funding Program will be held on Tuesday, July 16th from 2-3pm in the Main Building Faculty Lounge.  As most of you are aware, the UPEI internal funding program is currently on hiatus due to budgetary cutbacks. In the interim, the suite of programs offered by the Research Grants Committee is being reviewed, with a focus toward determining the most appropriate mechanisms for distributing funding in order to meet both the committee’s mandate and the needs of the campus community.  The VP Research is hosting a second open forum to solicit input on the vision and structure of the internal funding program.  Given that it may be possible to reinstate some of the program offerings prior to the fall semester 2013, it is important that they be aware of your concerns and suggestions now.

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UPEI is moving to a new Moodle in September and the multistage rollout continues.  The first stage continues with another 5-week summer session on what is new and better about the new Moodle!  Sessions run from July 8-August 9 meeting face to face just once a week with some on-line exercises to be completed between sessions.  If you are interested in taking the course, please take two minutes to fill in the form regarding which day you want to attend (click here).  If you have any questions, please send them to moodle@upei.ca.

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Happy Canada Day! This momentous day also marks the completion of Dr. Sandy McAuley’s interim position as Undergraduate Coordinator in our Faculty. Please join me in thanking him for his excellent work and dedication during the past year. Sandy achieved many things during this short year‑ tops on the list would be his work with a very dedicated BEd Committee to prepare the MPHEC proposal to modify our BEd program (started by Ron MacDonald). We JUST received word that this proposal has been accepted!! Bravo to all and MANY thanks to Sandy! We will be honoring and thanking Sandy during our summer social event on July 24.

Of course, we welcome Dr. Ron MacDonald back in his role as Undergraduate Coordinator. We are sure that he will continue in this role with the same vigor and dedication that he demonstrated in the past ‑ especially after a one‑year sabbatical. Thanks to Ron for accepting to continue this important work!

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We are very sad that Pamela Kennedy has decided to leave UPEI to return to Spring Park School (major gain for Spring Park!). Of course we wish her all the very best in her future endeavours. We hope to find a suitable time and occasion during which to thank her formally ‑ very soon.

We welcome Julie Gagnon as the new Coordinator of the BED‑FLS. We look forward to working with Julie to maintain and enhance this important program. Bienveunue Julie ‑ nous sommes confiants que tu seras une excellente coordinatrice!

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Facilities Management has about six weeks of work to be done on the exterior of Memorial Hall:  removing some brick walls on the roof, installing new brick and flashing, and repointing the east wall.  Work begins Tuesday, July 2nd, with griding work to take place during evening hours, starting at 4pm.  Please ensure your windows are closed when you leave for the day to avoid dust from entering.

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