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  • MacLauchlan Writing Awards
  • Orange Shirt Day
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  • #LearnDay
  • Candidate Presentation
  • Call for Submissions
  • Hurrahs!

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The MacLauchlan Prizes for Effective Writing honour Wade MacLauchlan’s service as the president of UPEI and provide a valuable way to recognize the importance of effective writing as a foundational skill for academic success and lifelong learning.

The MacLauchlan Prizes for Effective Writing are the largest such student-oriented program in Canada, distributing up to $30,000 annually in awards.  The deadline for application is 06-Oct-2017.  Details on each award are available in the accompanying links below.

If you are aware of outstanding written work created by one of your students, please encourage them to apply for one of these awards.

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Orange Shirt Day occurs annually at the end of each September, the time of year when Indigenous children were taken away from their homes and put into residential schools. Phyllis Wedstad was one such child. As a young child on her first day at residential school, Phyllis’ favourite orange shirt was promptly taken from her upon her arrival at the school. Her language and pride in her culture were also taken from her. Orange Shirt Day has been created to honour of Phyllis, and the many other children who attended residential schools. More information on this day can be found online at www.orangeshirtday.org.

This year, on 29-Sept-2017, the Faculty of Education is encouraging all students, staff, and faculty to wear orange as an annual opportunity to discuss aspects of residential schools, and to continue discussions year-round. In the coming weeks, you will see posters and other promotional materials around campus to help promote this day.

Thank you for your support in bringing awareness to Orange Shirt Day we hope that many of you will participate in wearing orange on 29-Sept-2017!

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The first CER event of 2017-2018 is almost upon us!  Dr. Bonnie Stewart will be leading our first Journal Club discussion of the year.

Her article, Collapsed publics: Orality, literacy, and vulnerability in academic Twitter, addresses scholars’ experiences and practices related to engagement on open networked platforms, and considers the tensions these practices raise within the contemporary academy.

The Journal Club will be held on Wednesday, 20-Sept-2017, from 1215 to 1.30 pm in Memorial Hall 301.

In anticipation of a rich discussion, please download and read the paper from the link above. All faculty, staff, and graduate students are invited to this event.

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The Learning Partners Advisory Council invites you to take part in Prince Edward Island’s first #LearnDay, Participation is free with refreshments and lunch provided onsite.

#LearnDay will focus on scaffolding ideas around PEI learning possibilities. A major focus is facilitating conversations between citizens, and also showcasing projects already happening in PEI. Like #YDay, #LearnDay will have a Lightning Talk showcase – 5 presenters doing 5 minute presentations of 20 slides. If you know of a successful, interesting PEI learning project that would lend itself well to this format, please contact Bonnie Stewart.

To register for #LearnDay, or for more information, please visit the following links:

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The Faculty of Education invites members of the campus community – students, faculty and staff – to attend a public presentation by Anne Marie FitzGerald, candidate for a tenure-track position in Educational Leadership.  Dr. FitzGerald will present her program of research in the area of educational leadership, and how this program of research could unfold in the PEI context. The presentation takes place from 9am-10am on 15-Sept-2017 in Memorial 308.  A meet and greet with Dr. FitzGerald is also planned for 3:15pm that afternoon, in the Education Student Lounge (MH 306). For further information, contact Karen-Anne O’Halloran.

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The CSSE Board of Directors invites faculty, staff and graduate students to submit a presentation proposals for the 2018 CSSE Annual Conference in Regina, Saskatchewan on 26 – 30 May 20187 (pre-conferences on 26 May 2018).  Presentation proposals can be submitted 29 August 2017 – 1 October 2017 by going to their website: https://csse-scee.ca/conference-2018/.  A Call for Presentations flyer can be viewed here.

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Congratulations to Sean Wiebe on the publication of Blue Waiting, a collection of poems with Celeste Snowber.  A book launch will be held 22-Sept-2017 in UPEI Faculty Lounge, at 6:30pm. All are welcome to attend.


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