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Interative videos for course instruction: Interactive videos can increase student engagement and interest in course content. Our newest version of Moodle is now equipped with interactive video creation capability. Instructors are invited to attend a workshop on creating an interactive video on August 14 or 24. To register, please click here. For further information, contact Joel MacDonald.

Moodle Bootcamp The E-Learning Office is hostinag a Moodle Bootcamp from 08-Aug-2017 to 30-Aug-2017.  As space is limited, please sign-up using this form.  If you are unavailable to attend these sessions, you can set up a meeting with one of their instructional designers by contacting elearning@upei.ca.

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The Faculty Development Office (FDO) at UPEI is growing, and as part of this expansion will be developing new programs and services. Among the initiatives they are working on, they also plan on expanding assistance in preparing tenure and promotion files, teaching and research dossiers, grant applications, and award nominations, and will be developing reading and research groups and other programs around other issues related to faculty development across the career span.

The FDO is looking for colleagues interested in being on the Directors’ Steering Committee—with a commitment to serving for two years, to attending all meetings, and to taking an active part in the planning and execution of new initiatives. And they are also looking for colleagues interested in being peer consultants and curriculum specialists (from every Faculty), as well as people interested in e-teaching and learning concerns.

For further information or to get involved, please contact Gerald Wandio, Faculty Development Office Program Director, at fdo@upei.ca

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On Friday, 01-Sept-2017, the University of Prince Edward Island’s new Tobacco Use Policy will go into effect.  The move to a tobacco-free campus was supported by research conducted by a working group, and was approved at the January 2017 meeting of the University’s Board of Governors.  The intended goal of this policy is to create an accessible campus environment while improving individual and community health at UPEI.

The University offers a number of wellness supports including tobacco cessation supports for those who wish to quit using tobacco products. Information on these can be found here.

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Mount Saint Vincent University has three public events planned for October that may be of interest to you:

On 12-Oct-2017, Dr. James Lang will deliver a lecture entitled, “Cheating Lessons: Learning from Academic Dishonesty”, from his seminal book of the same name. This is a free public event.

On 13-Oct-2017, from 9am-noon, Dr. Lang will offer a workshop, “Small Teaching,” that focuses on a small number of evidence-based principles that can improve learning in nearly any type of college or university course. The workshop includes a hot buffet breakfast. Further details can be found here.

Following these two events, the Mount is hosting the Annual Atlantic Universities’ Teaching Showcase, on 14-Oct-2017. This year’s conference theme is “Small Teaching: Exploring the Potential of Easily-Implemented, High Impact Teaching Practices,” and will follow Dr. Lang’s framework of ideas. Dr. Lang will be the keynote speaker for the Showcase. Deadline for proposal submissions is 18-Aug-2017. Details can be found here.

For further details on the above, please contact Dr. Donovan Plumb.

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The Journal Pioneer recently featured a story highlighting the work of PhD student, Mary MacPhee, whose research explores the experience of non-francophone parents with children attending French schools.  Mary is also a sessional instructor with our Faculty. Congratulations, Mary!

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