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  • 3-Minute Thesis Competition
  • UDL Conference – May 31-June 2, 2017
  • Edcamp Charlottetown 2017
  • Time to Write Retreat
  • Call for Applications: The Pat Clifford Award
  • Memorial Hall Elevator
  • Presidential Recognition Awards – Final Call for Nominations
  • Fall and Winter Sessional Postings
  • Hurrahs!

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On March 28, 2017, the Graduate Student Association (in conjunction with the UPEI Office of Graduate Studies and Student Union) hosted the annual 3-Minute Thesis Competition at The Wave.  With the assistance of one voluntary visual slide, graduate students orally explain their research in three minutes.  The first-place winner of the event was Logan MacIntyre (PhD student, Biomedical Science).  For the event, there was a good representation from the Faculty of Education.  Livia Li (MEd, Global Perspectives) was a contestant, and Brittany Jakubiec (PhD student) and Dr. Jane Preston (faculty member) were two of the four judges.    

3-Minute Thesis

3-Minute Thesis judges: Dr. Jane Preston, Dr. Kathy Gottshall-Pass, Dr. Brian Wagner, and Brittany Jakubiec

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The Faculty of Education will be hosting the second Pan-Canadian Conference on Universal Design for Learning on May 31-June 2nd, 2017.  The Conference offers participants five streams: K-12 teachers, Higher Ed instructors, Student Services, Instructional Designers and Students.   The intention of the conference is to create an opportunity for practitioners from different sectors, from across the country, to come together, exchange on UDL practices, and to share their vision for the future.  The Conference also hopes to encourage an interdisciplinary dialogue and to offer participants a multi-faceted overview of current Canadian initiatives.  The keynote will open the conference on the Wednesday night and breakout sessions will be scheduled through the Thursday and Friday.

The Call for Submissions is open and abstracts will be accepted until 15-Apr-2017.  Registration has already launched.  We are hoping to encourage faculty members to submit proposals on aspects of their research and practice that touch on UDL.  We also encourage everyone to promote and discuss the conference with their networks and school contacts.  For more details, please visit their website.

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#edcampcharlottetown 2.0 took place on March 11th in the Management building.  Despite the intense cold and temperatures in the -30oC that morning, about thirty participants converged towards Market Place that day and brainstormed on themes around Open.  2017 is the Year of Open in Education and the topic seemed a good starting point for a free-flowing, dialogical event such as Edcamp.  There were people from all sectors of Education and the event was also multidisciplinary as is often the case with Edcamps: the silos were indeed broken that day and many sections of the PEI community were represented and took part.

There were lots of emergent discussions that sprouted and people were directed towards break away rooms for circle reflections and exchanges.  First: what is Open?  For many participants it was a first discussion on something they realized was very much part of their everyday life and practice, but for which they had not yet found a terminology or articulated a reflection.  How will a culture of Open in Education transform our views of the curriculum?  What does Open mean for assessment? How will our role change as educators?  More detailed questions also arose: Is UDL compatible with Open?  How intricately connected is our mastery of technology in our vision of Open?

The discussions throughout the day were both enriching and eye opening.  For most participants, first time Edcampers, the most potent take-away was the feeling they experienced, that unique Edcamp discovery: a day of PD that is democratic, non-hierarchical, relaxing, truly relevant to each person’s concerns, and fun!

Edcamp Charlottetown with this second installment becomes a fixture at UPEI and a new vibrant tradition.  We hope that many of you can join us next year, either on the day itself or as part of the Organizing Committee.  For more details about joining the Edcamp Charlottetown momentum in 2018, please contact Carolyn Thorne, Ashley Clark or Frederic Fovet.

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Registration is now open for the May 17-21 offering of Time to Write: UPEI’s faculty writing retreat.  The retreat is open to tenured and tenure stream University of Prince Edward Island faculty in any Department/Faculty/School.

The May retreat takes place at Stanley Bridge Resort. The cost to each participant is $200, and includes four night’s accommodation, meals and snacks during the retreat.

Space is limited. For more information, contact Dave Atkinson, Research Communications Officer.

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The Canadian Education Association’s 2017 Pat Clifford Award for Early Career Research in Education is currently accepting applications/nominations.  For details on how to apply or nominate a talented researcher, please visit their website. The deadline for applicatinos is 31-May-2017.

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As many of you are aware, the elevator in Memorial Hall has been out of operation for the last couple of weeks due to flooding.  Facilities Management advises that the service provider is still sourcing the parts for the extensive repairs required. The expected date of repair is currently unknown. We apologize for an inconvenience this may cause.  If you or a student are affected with accessibility issues, please contact our administrative office (MH402) so that we can work with Facilities to explore alternative arrangements for you.

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Presidential Recognition Awards of Merit recognize outstanding performance and dedication of UPEI’s faculty and staff.  Up to 10 Presidential Awards will be awarded during a Celebration of Colleagues to be held Wednesday, 23-May-2017, at 2pm in McMillan Hall.  Nominations for the Presidential Awards are being accepted until 31-Mar-2017.

Details on the criteria for nominating a colleague for a Presidential Award can be found here.

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Available sessional instructor postings for the Faculty of Education during the Fall 2017  and Winter 2018 terms are due to be posted in the next few days.  Please watch the HR sessional listings for opportunities which meet your interests and qualifications.

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This coming Thursday (06-Apr-2017), Dr. Bonnie Stewart will be delivering the closing keynote for Keene State College’s Open Education Spring Speaker Series.  Bonnie will present “Digital Identity and Leading in the Open.” Congratulations, Bonnie!

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