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  • Spring and Summer 2017 Book Orders
  • Changes to Travel Expenses Policy
  • Volunteer Opportunity
  • Academic Writing Retreat at Brock University
  • Daffodil Sales
  • Hurrahs!

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The UPEI bookstore is once again looking for textbook orders for the upcoming semester. Book orders for the Spring/Summer semester can be submitted by email or through the on-line order form.

Please submit your book orders to the UPEI Bookstore as soon as possible.

Please be sure to send the correct ISBN, especially for text packages and/or e-books to ensure ordering of the proper text books.

If there is no text book required for a course, it would be greatly appreciated to notify the Bookstore so that a note can be made on the student text list. Also, please indicate if your course is cross listed.

Please include the ISBN for any access codes/e-books that your course offers in your order. Please indicate if the access code is a requirement for the students to pass the course, or if it would be recommended for studying.

The Bookstore would like to be able to give students more options for course materials at the Bookstore. (Binder editions, E-texts, Softcover, Used Books etc)

If you require students to have other course materials such as specific calculators, dissection kits, clickers, graph paper, notebooks etc. you can email the Bookstore to ensure there are sufficient quantities in the store. Many students take advantage of the different forms of payment they offer such as charging to their student account, so being able to offer the supplies as well as the text provides them with the convenience of purchasing everything together.

The Faculty encourages all instructors to utilize the service of the bookstore as much as possible.

Your cooperation is much appreciated.

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Please note that the University’s Travel Expenses Policy has recently been updated.  Among the updates, the policy no longer requires the approval of the Vice-President Academic and Research for Travel Report and Claim forms related to research accounts, excepting travel by a Dean. The Dean will still approve claims to provide oversight to ensure that the travel expenses are eligible, reasonable and incurred in the performance of duties on behalf of the University and in accordance with the Travel Expenses Policy. The full policy can be reviewed here.

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Would you like to help heal wounds, resolve misunderstandings and generally make a real difference in the lives of others around you?  Would you like to do all this and more without ever leaving UPEI?  Well, this is the volunteer opportunity for you!  Read on!

We are looking to train 3 or 4 students to help deliver an interactive anti-colonial workshop.  This workshop, of approximately 75 minutes duration, seeks to completely shatter stereotypes and help non-Indigenous peoples grasp the complex history of what really happened here in the Americas, and specifically here on Prince Edward Island.  This moving exercise cannot be done without facilitators!  This is why we need you.  If your appetite for justice and reconciliation has been whetted, please respond for more information.  Training will consist of 3 or 4 sessions of about 1.5 hours each, and will be conducted around your convenience – mornings, days, evenings or weekends.

If interested, please contact Dr. John Doran.

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Brock University will be hosting their Faculty of Education Writing Retreat at Crieff Hills from June 11-15, 2017.  The program combines extensive quiet writing time with collegial discussion through works in progress groups and informal workshops.  The goal of the retreat is for each participant to produce a scholarly paper (e.g., an article ready for publication, a chapter towards a book, or a conference paper).

The retreat will include a 90-minute workshop by Dr. Pauline Sameshima (Lakehead University) and Dr. Sean Wiebe (UPEI) entitled “Poetic Inquiry: Imagination as the Energy of Social Generation.”

To reserve a space at the retreat, confirmation is required by 23-Mar-2017.  Details are available in the attached flyer.

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The Canadian Cancer Society is gearing up for their annual fresh cut daffodil sales and UPEI is lucky  to be a part of the pre-sale campaign.  Daffodils will be delivered to UPEI on 27-Mar-2017.  Bundles of 10 daffodils will be available for $8 each.  Payment would be required on delivery of the order.  The deadline for orders is 2pm on 16-Mar-2017.  An order form is available in the Administrative Office (MH402).

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Congratulations to Erin Woodford, a sessional instructor with our Faculty, on publication of her article “Passion, Creativity and Gratitude” in the Winter 2017 issue of the CAP Journal.  You can read Erin’s article here.

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