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From September 17 to 27, 2016, Ashley and Jane traveled to China on behalf of the Faculty of Education.  The purpose of the trip was to potentially embellish relationships between the UPEI Faculty of Education and Sichuan Normal University and Chengdu University.  Attached are a few photos of the trip, which was fabulous (see photos)!

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The UPEI bookstore is once again looking for textbook orders for the upcoming semester. Book orders for the Winter 2017 semester can be submitted by email or through the on-line order form.

Please submit your book orders to the UPEI Bookstore as soon as possible.   The Bookstore is requesting ordrers be in by 09-Nov-2016 to ensure they arrive for the beginning of the Winter session.

Please be sure to send the correct ISBN, especially for text packages and/or e-books to ensure ordering of the proper text books.

If there is no text book required for a course, it would be greatly appreciated to notify the Bookstore so that a note can be made on the student text list. Also, please indicate if your course is cross listed.

Please include the ISBN for any access codes/e-books that your course offers in your order. Please indicate if the access code is a requirement for the students to pass the course, or if it would be recommended for studying.

The Bookstore would like to be able to give students more options for course materials at the Bookstore. (Binder editions, E-texts, Softcover, Used Books etc)

If you require students to have other course materials such as specific calculators, dissection kits, clickers, graph paper, notebooks etc. you can email the Bookstore to ensure there are sufficient quantities in the store. Many students take advantage of the different forms of payment they offer such as charging to their student account, so being able to offer the supplies as well as the text provides them with the convenience of purchasing everything together.

The Faculty encourages all instructors to utilize the service of the bookstore as much as possible.

Your cooperation is much appreciated.

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(Shared by Sean Wiebe) –   Little Shop of Horrors is the perfect musical comedy for Hallowe’en-time — a total eclipse of the sun; the mysterious Audrey II, the plant with attitude and appetite; a Faustian deal with the devil; the plant’s diet of blood; a sadistic leather-jacketed dentist who dies of laughing gas.

As a sort of Hallowe’en celebration, ACT (a community theatre) is offering two special features for the performances this Saturday and Sunday.

There is a special family ticket bargain for the two matinees (2:30 on Saturday and Sunday).  The charge for children 14 and under will be just $10.  They need to be accompanied by an adult, since the show is considered to have a PG10 rating.  That special price is available only at-the-door (which is cash only).

The second special feature is literally a treat: anyone who wears a Hallowe’en costume (without mask) to any one of the Saturday or Sunday performances (whether evening or matinee) will get a candy treat.

Little Shop of Horrors plays this weekend, October 27th to 30th, at the Florence Simmons Performance Hall of Holland College (Weymouth Street in downtown Charlottetown).

Tickets are $28 or $25 (senior, student, limited income), and are available in three ways: at online; from the theatre’s box office (Weymouth St) 902-894-6885; or at the door (cash only).

Little Shop of Horrors – the perfect musical comedy for Hallowe’en – offers two special features for the performances this Saturday and Sunday.

(1) Family ticket bargain for the matinees (2:30 on Saturday and Sunday): children (14 and under, with adult accompanying) just $10 — available only for cash at-the-door.

(2) Wear a Hallowe’en costume (without mask) to any of the three Saturdayor Sunday performances, take home a candy treat.Performances Friday through Sunday at the Florence Simmons Performance Hall of Holland College (Weymouth Street in downtown Charlottetown).  Tickets at www.ticketpro.ca; from the theatre’s box office (Weymouth St) 902-894-6885; or at the door (cash only).

For information call 902-628-6778 or email.

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Good sport of the week goes to Sylvain Gagné!  You may recall that Sylvain generously agreed to dye his beard if Amanda Lajo, Vanessa MacDonald, and Sophie Beauregard-Marchand could raise $500 in donations for the International specialization?  Well true to his word, Sylvain followed through!  Thank you, Sylvain, and congratulations students!


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get-readyGET YOUR GAME ON!

The Faculty of Education has entered in the Halloween decorating challenge for campus, and we have gone with the arcade theme.  We invite all residents of Memorial Hall to get your game on, and help us out by decorating your offices and/or doors with a video game theme.  Judging takes place on Monday at noon!

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CBC News recently did a story on Faculty of Education’s PhD Student, Olive Bryanton.  Olive is the oldest student ever at the University of Prince Edward Island to be pursuing a PhD.  If you haven’t already seen this great story, you can read it here!

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Congratulations to Lyndsay Moffatt, who became auntie to this beautiful baby girl recently!


Welcome to the world, little Adelaide!

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