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  • Progress Monitoring Presentation
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  • Journal Club Presentation – 28-Sept-2016

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Tammy Hubley-Little, Director of Leadership and Learning from the PEI Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture, will be speaking to all education students and faculty on the topic of Progress Monitoring.  Progress Monitoring is currently being used in several PEI schools to assess students’ academic performance.  It is an assessment tool which quantifies the student’s rate of improvement, or responsiveness to instruction,while on their educational journey through the PEI education system.  This session is meant to give education students an overview of Progress Monitoring before the students enter the schools for their practicum and faculty an opportunity to become more aware of the initiative.

The presentation takes place on Friday , 14-Oct-2016 at 12pm in Duffy Science Centre, Room 135.  Everyone is welcome.

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Thank you to everyone who came out to participate in the Faculty Potluck this past Friday.  The food and the company were both fabulous!

Those who could not attend missed a lively game of Heads Up, where we learned…

  • there are a lot of animals that can be signed by “air claws”
  • facing a mirror can give a team an advantage;
  • having an advantage doesn’t mean you win a round.

Thank you to Ron and Erin for hosting, and the Social Committee for organizing this event!

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Mary MacPhee presents “Pilot Projects as Effective Graduate Student Practice” at a Journal Club presentation on Wednesday, 28-Sept-2016, from 12:15pm-1:30pm in Memorial Hall 308.

The link to her article can be found here.

The link to the conference proceedings can be found here.

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