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  • Strawberry Social and Potluck This Saturday!
  • New Students on Campus
  • Farmers Helping Farmers Annual Beef Barbecue
  • Hurrahs!

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strawberry3Liz Townsend is hosting a strawberry social and potluck at her home on Saturday, 09-July-2016 from 3pm-7pm!  If you have not RSVP’d to Liz, please do so, so that we can get a better estimate of numbers.

A Sign-Up Genius has been also been set-up to help plan the the potluck. In addition to the berries, Liz will have some hamburgers & hot dogs ready for the barbecue. This is a family-friendly event for faculty, staff, sessionals!  We realize that some won’t make it given their involvement in 1-week intensive teaching & other summer events. If you can come, a map and all the details can be found here.

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Summer is an extremely busy time of year here in the Faculty of Education, and we are excited by the energy our students bring to the Faculty!  This week we have two new cohorts starting in our graduate studies program, and several cohorts taking classes on campus!  BEd students are also progressing along in their programs.

Thanks to everyone for their contribution to our programs and our students!

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Farmers Helping Farmers is a strong supporter of our Education students and those in other faculties who complete an international practicum placement or internship in Kenya.  The Farmers Helping Farmers Annual Beef Barbecue will be held Saturday, 13-Aug-2014, from 4:00-6:30pm at the Harrington Research Station, 1200 Brackley Point Road.  The cost is $30 per adult and $10 per child (12 and under).

To reserve tickets for this fantastic meal, please contact Carolyn Francis.

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Congratulations to Jane Preston for her latest publication in the peer-reviewed journal, The Northern Review. The article is entitled “Situating Educational Issues in Nunavut: Perceptions of School Leaders .” You can read the open-access article here.


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