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100 POSTS!!!!

timbitWelcome to the centennial post of our news blog!  That’s a lot of sharing!

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed their news and hurrahs to the blog.

To mark the 100 posts, there will be 100 celebratory Timbits appearing in the staff/faculty lounge (Memorial 409) this Friday morning.  Stop by for a treat with your coffee!

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Interested in an interactive evening of mystery and intrigue?  The Faculty is hosting a Murder Mystery Party (“Cruising for Murder”) on Friday, 05-Feb-2016, at 6:00pm in Main Faculty Lounge.

The setting for the evening is aboard a luxury cruise ship! Come to the party (in character) and receive an envelope with objectives. Mix and mingle with your fellow ‘passengers’ and talk to the people on your list, trying to discover hidden facts and information!

This event is sure to be entertaining!  Everyone is welcome!  The more the merrier! If you would like to participate, email Ashley at to RSVP (although extra characters will be available the night of if you spontaneously decide to come!)

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The Social Committee is celebrating Valentine Week from valentinesMonday 08-Feb-2016 to Friday 12-Feb-2016.  Each day next week, leading up to Valentine’s Day, a treat will be available in the staff room!  Come have your morning or afternoon break in Memorial 409 and check out the treat of the day!

(And a big shout out to Julie, Jill, Carolyn, Jane, Cathy and Ashley for making this possible!)

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Do you know someone you think would be a great fit as an instructor in one of our upcoming courses?  Spread the word that sessional positions for the Spring & Summer 2016 terms are now posted on the HR website!

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Congratulations to Jane Preston on her article recently published in Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education: Studies of Migration, Integration, Equity, and Cultural Survival.  Her article was entitled “Education for Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: An Overview of Four Realms of Success.”  You can find an abstract of the article here.

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