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The social committee invites everyone to join together for a Convocation Breakfast (whether they are attending convocation or not).  The committee hopes you can join them at Smitty’s on 09-May-2015 at 7:15am.  If you can attend, please email Julie.

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The Faculty of Education invites everyone to a public presentation for the tenure-track position in Science Education.  Christina Phillips-MacNeil will present on Friday, 08-May-2015, at 1:30 pm in Memorial Hall, Room 417.  The presentation will be on the topic “Science Education for the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges.”

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Faculty and staff are invited to attend the 2015 Celebration of Colleagues on Monday 11-May-2015.  The annual Presidential Awards of Merit will be among the awards presented.  We are delighted that Dr. Jane Preston and Carolyn Francis are among the recipients of these awards, recognizing their outstanding performance and dedication to students and community.  Please join the celebration from 2:00pm-4:00pm in the W.A. Murphy Student Centre.

Congratulations Jane and Carolyn!

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The current PHD Cohort for 2014-15 consisting of Michele Moffat and Charlene VanLeeuwen will make a public presentation on 27-May-2015 starting at 9:30 a.m. in Room 417 of Memorial Hall.

All Faculty, staff and students are invited to attend.

This is an annual event for first-year PhD students in ED704 where they will give an overview of their work so far in the programme, some ideas on where they feel their research is going, as well as reflecting on the first year in the programme and whereto next.

This presentation will be evaluated as part of their final mark for ED704 and their advisory committee members have been invited and have indicated they will attend.

It is a busy time of year, so please mark your calendars so you won’t miss it.

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Anyone interested in assisting student volunteers check convocation tickets at the three entrances to teh Sports Centre, and monitor the track to ensure people comply with fire regulations by not standing there, is asked to contact Jennifer Taylor.

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Thank you to everyone who came out to say farewell to Kerri Wheatley last Friday.  Kerri left her Project Manager role after almost four year of working with Nunavut initiatives in the Faculty.  Best wishes, Kerri!


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It is really a busy time coming up with orientations, celebrations, and presentations on the schedule.  This is just a reminder that this blog has a  “Dates To Remember” tab in the black menu bar above, that may be a handy quick reference at times.  While the list is not exhaustive, we do attempt to update it with campus events listed in this news blog.

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As we mark the end of another academic year in teacher education in the Faculty, we share this short video of people reflecting on teachers that made a difference in their life.

As new pre-service teachers prepare to start with our Faculty next week, take a moment to recall your favourite teacher, and reflect on the important job the Faculty has in preparing our students for this important profession.


Who was your favourite teacher? (Tell us in the comments!)

Dear Miss MacLure,

I just wanted to post a wee thank you for English lessons that stayed with me through my life.  As much as my younger self hated to admit it, the proper use of commas really was useful life information.  I also wanted to thank you for your marvelous sense of humour, which made those lessons far less tedious.  You didn’t even get (very) angry when your Christmas tree was stolen after a band concert and reassembled in the gym.  Not that I know anything about that.

With thanks,

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