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The following opportunities have been forwarded to the Faculty of Education:


Andrew Carrothers in the Faculty of Business has been doing some research work for the Investor Education Fund (IEF), a non profit advocate for financial literacy education funded by fines issued by the Ontario Securities Commission.  He has collected unique primary data on the effectiveness of IEF financial literacy programs in public schools – grades 4 to 12.  He is looking for someone in the education faculty that would be interested in a collaboration opportunity.  He can be reached on campus at 620-5078.


Gerry Seaward has contacted the faculty regarding a possible research project.  Holland College is moving to a new instructional model in its adult education (AE) program. For over 20 years AE has offered high school credit courses, using an individual self-paced model of instruction; however, this September Holland College will be offering an instructor facilitated cohort model of instruction.  They are interested in exploring overall student success, retention, student attitudes, etc. in the new model and are looking for a grad student or faculty member that might be interested in using this move to a new model as a research project.  Gerry Seaward can be reached at 629-4259 to further discuss this project possibility.

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In the very near future, a number of sessional opportunities in the Faculty of Education will be posted for the Fall and Winter semesters.  If you, or someone you know would be qualified and interested in these postings, please direct them to the sessional listings on the HR website.

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Do you know what makes Mondays less Monday-ish?  Cake!!!  This Monday, August 25th the Faculty is celebrating all our July and August birthdays with cake!  Join us at 10:30am in the staff lounge (MH 409) for festivities.  And if YOUR birthday is in July or August, jot your name on the chalkboard in the lounge so  we can include you in the birthday serenade 🙂

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discovering_1Do you like gardening, cooking and children? Do you have approximately one day month to volunteer? Or do you know someone else who might? Dr. Lyndsay Moffatt from the Faculty of Education at UPEI is looking for volunteers and research participants for an Intergenerational Gardening and Food Project and Research Study. Dr. Moffatt is looking for 23 Elders (50yrs +) and 23 Young Adults (16-30 yrs). We will be meeting approximately once a month for the school year to plant seeds, make food, sing, talk and tell stories. All volunteers will need an up to date police check. Dr. Moffatt will be studying how the kindergarten language and literacy curricula can be supported through such projects. If you are interested, please email Dr. Moffatt or call (902) 620-5177 to receive more information about the project and the study. Please feel free to distribute this call to friends and family!

This project has been approved by UPEI ethical review and ELSB ethical review. It is also the grateful recipient of a JERG (Joint Education Research Grant) and a Charlottetown Microgrant.

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Tim shared that colleagues from the Afghan project have just published a book which may be of interest to people in the Faculty.  You can find information Ten Strategies for Building Community with Technology here.


Linyuan shared information on An Evening in Support of Afghan Women and Girls, with guest sepaker Melissa Fung, award winning international journalist and former CBC correspondent.  The event takes place 12-Sept-2014 at 7:00pm.  Details can be found in the attached poster.

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Two new photos have been added to Linyuan’s Wedding Album in the Celebration Album of the blog.  If you haven’t checked out the entire Summer Celebration 2014 page yet, you can find it here.


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