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  • Reunion Celebration on July 24
  • Faculty of Education Website Switch
  • Gold Cup Parade Float

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Remember to mark Wednesday July 24 from 2:30-4:00pm for the Faculty of Education All Years’ Reunion event. It will be taking place in the quad outside Memorial Hall (rain location the AVC Learning Commons).

We will be celebrating with the BEd(K) students as the bulk of them finish their degree requirements THAT DAY, along with presenting the J Wesley Parkinson awards to two incoming MEd students and honouring key instructors in our faculty. Light refreshments will be served.

This will be a celebratory day for our faculty and the more faculty and staff in attendance, the better it will be!

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Hello everyone. The new Faculty of Education site has now been launched. Please visit the new site format and familiarize yourself with the new page layouts. It looks quite different from the “old” version. I encourage you to explore it and any errors you notice or questions you have can be directed to Integrated Communications by using the SEND FEEDBACK button on the bottom right hand corner of every page. I do not have editing rights to this new version, every change goes through Integrated Communications’ office and the response rate is supposed to be 24-48 hours.

I am hoping for few to no errors since I went through it myself, but sometimes things can be missed.



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I am wondering if there is interest in the faculty to submit a float for this year’s Gold Cup Parade. This year’s theme is “Parade of Heroes” and teachers definitely fit into that category. The deadline for floats is August 8th, and it could be fun to have the faculty and some BEd students and teachers in the parade.

If you are interested in helping out or have some supplies that could be used for decorating a float (and if you have access to a trailer we could use as a float) please let Jill know. This could be a fun way to promote our faculty to the public in a fun way.

Jill 🙂

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