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On 03-Aug-2020, the University of Prince Edward Island entered it’s final stage in expanding its return to work, teaching, learning and research on campus. While the operational plans are continually evolving based on direction of the University under the guidance of the Chief Public Health Officer. We are happy to welcome so many more people back to campus (in a socially distanced and face masked way)!

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We haven’t updated the blog in a while, so here is a quick synopsis of some highlights since we last brought you Faculty of Education news:

  • Hellos & Goodbyes: This past summer we were sad to see two long-time faces from the fourth floor move on to other adventures. Dr. Sandy McAuley retired from teaching and Sylvain Gagné returned to the French School Board. While we are excited for them to begin new chapters, we really miss them both.

    The Faculty also welcomed some new faces this year! We have recently been joined by Elizabeth Blake, Dr. Rachelle Gauthier, and Dr. Gabriela Sanchez! All three instructors have offices on the 4th floor of Memorial, and we are really happy to have them on board!
  • A book co-written by Dr. Sean Wiebe, Dr. Pauline Sameshima and Dr. Patricia Maarhuis, titled Parallaxic Praxis: Multimodal Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Research Design, has been awarded a 2020 Society of Professors of Education Outstanding Book Award!
  • July 15th marked five years that Ashley Clark has worked with our Faculty as Academic Coach.
  • Yolanda Hood, the liaison/subject librarian for Education has returned to UPEI and is looking forward to working with our Faculty again.

Did we miss any of your updates over the summer? Let us know so we can share in our next blog post!

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CBC recently interviewed Dr. Omeasoo Wāhpāsiw regarding the toppling of Sir John A. MacDonald’s statue in Montreal. You can hear the interview here.

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On 30-Sept-2020, the Faculty of Education is encouraging all students, staff, and faculty to wear orange as an annual opportunity to discuss aspects of residential schools, and to continue discussions year-round. Thank you for your support in bringing awareness to Orange Shirt Day we hope that many of you will participate in wearing orange! More information on this day can be found online at www.orangeshirtday.org.

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The new schedule of Faculty of Education Council meetings gets back underway later this week for the 2020-2021 academic year.

If you haven’t marked your calendars yet, you can find a list of meeting dates on the Dates to Remember page of this website.

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The Arts and Sciences Equity and Inclusion committee invites the campus community to recognize and participate in what is being called “Scholar Strike Canada” (https://scholarstrikecanada.ca/)—an initiative being organized for September 9 and 10. As the name suggests, faculty across Canada will be joining thousands of academics in higher education to protest anti-Black, racist, and colonial police brutality and violence in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere. (There’s a large Scholar Strike action being organized in the U.S. also). For these two days, faculty are invited to use teaching and administrative time as much as they are able to raise awareness of how systemic racism impacts the daily lives of Black, Indigenous, and people of colour in Canada—including in academia. Colleagues at other universities have organized a series of digital teach-ins; the program is available on the website, and freely available to everyone. The A&S Equity and Inclusion committee will also be organizing discussions of some of the issues raised by those sessions as part of our ongoing reading group series.

For more information, contact the committee co-chairs: Ann Braithwaite, abraithwaite@upei.ca and Chris Power, cdspower@upei.ca

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