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The UPEI bookstore is requesting textbook orders for Summer 2019 classes before
Book orders for the semester can be submitted by email or through the on-line order form.

Please be sure to send the correct ISBN, especially for text packages and/or e-books to ensure ordering of the proper text books.

If there is no text book required for a course, please notify the Bookstore so that this can be noted on the student text list. Also, please indicate if your course is cross listed.

Please include the ISBN for any access codes/e-books that your course offers in your order. Please indicate if the access code is a requirement for the students to pass the course, or if it would be recommended for studying.

The Bookstore would like to give students more options for course materials (Binder editions, E-texts, Softcover, Used Books etc)

If you require students to have other course materials such as specific calculators, dissection kits, clickers, graph paper, notebooks etc. you can email the bookstore to ensure they have sufficient quantities in the store. Many students take advantage of the different forms of payment offered (such as charging to their student account), so being able to offer the supplies as well as the text provides them with the convenience of purchasing everything together.

The Faculty encourages all instructors to utilize the service of the bookstore as much as possible.

Your cooperation is much appreciated.

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Just a reminder that UPEI will never ask you to provide your password, send money, ask for credit card information by phone, text or email, request that you purchase emergency gift cards, or provide your banking information.  If you receive any request of this nature, please ensure you contact the ITSS Help Desk at helpdesk@upei.ca

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The UPEI Faculty Association Merit Award for Scholarly Achievement recognizes full-time faculty with significant achievements in the areas of discovery, integration, interpretation and/or application of knowledge.  The UPEIFA’s Merit Award for Scholarly Achievement Subcommittee is currently calling for nominations for this award for 2018-2019.

The deadline for nominations and all supporting documentation, is Friday, 22-Mar-2019.

Nominations should be sent electronicallly to:  Chair, UPEI Faculty Association Merit Award for Scholarly Achievement c/o Faculty Association Office upeifa@upeifa.org

Information about the award can be found on the UPEI Faculty Association website.

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Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Cinese New Year at our student celebration held 05-Feb-2019.


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The Faculty of Education, if it were to award medals of honour, would truly need to extend one to Dr. Anne Marie Fitzgerald, who braved life and lung to clean the staff fridge.  There were fossils in there that had expiry dates in 2015. Thank you, Anne Marie.

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Congratulations to Dr. Jane Preston (adjunct professor), Dr. Tim Claypool, William Rowluck, and Brenda Green for their latest peer-reviewed journal article entitled, “Principal leadership for Indigenous student success in Canada: Student, parent and community relationships,” published in International Studies in Educational Administration, 46(3), 3–23.

Congratulations also to Dr. Alaina Roach O’Keefe (sessional instructor), Sonya Hooper, and Brittany Jakubiec (PhD student and sessional instructor) on the publication of their article “Exploring early childhood educators’ notions about professionalism in Prince Edward Island” which was published in the Journal of Childhood Studies.

Congratulations to Dr. Kate Tilleczek (adjunct professor), and Valerie Campbell (PhD student), who co-edited a book which has recently been published by CRC Press.  You can find information on the book, Youth in the Digital Age: Paradox, Promise, Predicament in this link.

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