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kids-holding-welcome-signThe Faculty of Education extends a warm welcome to Dr. Jason Shulha, who will be teaching with us in January.  Jason’s office will be located in Memorial Hall 407.

As well, Joy Villacampa will be helping out with the review of admissions files.

We are very pleased to have both Jason and Joy with us.  Please welcome our Jason and Joy in the new year!

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(Apologies for the late posting.  The tenth annual fundraising dinner was held November 17th – Karen-Anne)

The Goddard family would like to thank all members of the Faculty of Education for their presence and support at the fundraising dinner for the Nichola Goddard Foundation.

Faculty in focus 2 - Needham-1811-0349-MP4

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In late November, Dean Ron MacDonald chatted with CBC to provide an update on our one-year Bachelor of Education program.  That article can be found on the CBC website here.

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Please be advised that the Faculty of Education will be closed for the holidays from December 22 to January 1.  We will reopen on January 2nd.

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On Friday, 07-Dec-2018, the Faculty held a reception to honour graduate student winners of the Excellence in Academic Writing Award, as well as Faculty of Education Scholarships.  Winners were as follows:

Excellence in Academic Writing Award:
Xi Du
MEd Scholarships:
Caixia Huang
Chinwendu Achilefu
Dawne Knockwood
Hadil Haddad
Han Xu
PhD Scholarships:
Barbara Brewster
Beth Robichaud
Shari MacKenzie

If you see any of these students in the halls, or have them in your classes, please congratulate them on their achievement!

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GoldstarCongratulations to Sean Wiebe and PhD student Charity Becker, on the publication of an article co-authored with Patrick Howard, Mindy Carter, Peter Gouzouasis, Mitchell McLarnon, Pamela Richardson, Kathryn Riketts & Layal Schuman, which was published in the Journal of Curriculum StudiesYou can read the article, “Creativity and pedagogical innovation: Exploring teachers’ experiences of risk-taking,” here.

GoldstarCongratulations to Frederic Fovet on the publication of his article, “Parallel paths to inclusion,” in Forum magazine.

Congratulations also to Dr. Fovet on his publication of  the article “Exploring the Student Voice within Universal Design for Learning Work,” in The AHEAD JournalThe article can be viewed here.

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happy holidays 2018

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