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  • Save The Date – Fiona’s Retirement Reception!
  • AIRS Workshop Invitation – 22-July-2016
  • Seniors College Seeks UPEI Researchers
  • Strawberry Social and Potluck  – Thank you!
  • Digital Pedagogy Lab

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Save Friday, August 26th from 5:00 to 7:00 for a cocktail reception to celebrate Fiona’s retirement. More information to follow!

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This coming Friday, 22-July-2016, the Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing (AIRS) project is hosting a workshop entitled “Singing, Song & Community,” focusing on how families, schools, and communities can benefit from singing and song.  The workshop takes place in Main Faculty Lounge from 1pm-4:15pm and will feature a keynote address by Professor Rachel Heydon from the University of Western Ontario, followed by brief presentations from community members and student researchers.

Please click for more information on the keynote speaker and the workshop program.

To RSVP your attendance, please contact airs@upei.ca or 902-566-6023.

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Seniors College is a non-profit organization affiliated with the University of Prince Edward Island and Skills Development and Learning. It offers non-credit courses for seniors so they can continue the joy of learning without the usual pressure of exams or papers.

Seniors College is hoping to re-offer the very successful ‘Sharing Our Research’ program in which UPEI researchers share their area of expertise with our members. It is seeking UPEI professors & researchers who are willing and able to give one Friday morning session during the months of January and February 2017. Each class would be one to one and a half hours long, with a presentation, time for questions and discussion.

Researchers interested in participating are asked to contact Barb Mullaly.

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A strawberry social and potluck was held 09-July-2016,  hosted by Dr. Liz Townsend in her beautiful home.  We wish to extend a sincere thank you to Liz for her warm hospitality, and to everyone who came out to share in the lovely day.

(Photo credits: Dr. Carolyn Thorne – thanks for sharing!)

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Huge thanks to all the Faculty of Education folks who helped make #DigPed PEI such a success last week. The three-day event generated intense discussion on campus and online, with enthusiastic participation from educators from UPEI, Holland College, the Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture, Workplace Learning, and the PEI Career Development Association, as well as from around Canada, the US, and the UK. Thanks to all who committed time & energy as participants and as keynote attendees (virtual and in person). Special thanks to Ron, Karen-Anne, and Jill, who helped organize and support what turned out to be a smooth and successful three days! Watch this space for news of emerging collaborations on campus as a result.


DigPed Plenary

#DigPed PEI Plenary

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