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  • SIIE 50/50 Draw
  • Old and New World Wine Tasting
  • New Schedule for ELC
  • Reminder:  FEC Meeting Time Change
  • Handbook of Canadian Research in Initial Teacher Education

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The weekly 50/50 draw in support of International and Indigenous Education Students is underway again.  There was no winner for this past week’s 50/50 draw (the lucky number was #39), so the jackpot rolls over to another week… hopefully to be close to $100 shared between the winner and the SIIE fundraising next week.  Please remember to add your toonie to the draw for your chance to win and support our traveling students.

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The International and Indigenous Education Students, along with the Faculty of Education at UPEI, are proud to present their Fall Fundraising Event:  Old And New World Wine Tasting The wine tasting will take place 26-Oct-2013 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm at Confederation Centre of the Arts.  Tickets are $40.  For more information please contact Katherine Rafuse or Emma-Lee Arsenault

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Recent budgetary pressures have resulted in amended hours for the ELC. We are working on a plan to keep it open as much as possible.

Please check the ELC door for the current schedule. We will, however, be increasing the hours of availability so check back with that sign for ongoing amendments.

Note: If the ELC is closed and you need immediate access, then please ask me – my office is MH 303.

Thank you for your patience while we work through the new schedule.


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This is just a reminder that the next FEC meeting is scheduled for 9:30am on October 11th in MH 417.

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The Handbook of Canadian Research in Initial Teacher Education is a handbook with focus on Canadian research on initial teacher education giving particular consideration to the research by Canadian scholars on initial teacher education.  The editor of the handbook, Thomas Falkenberg (University of Manitoba), invites you to send them a list of your publications that you consider relevant to the chapter themes listed below.  While, in the end, it will be up to the chapter authors to decide whether and in what way they consider a given reference to be relevant to their approach to the chapter theme, your sharing of your relevant publication references will be greatly appreciated by all involved.

Chapter themes that will be addressed by different chapters of the handbook include:   follows:

  • Initial teacher education programs in Western Canada
  • Initial teacher education programs in Ontario
  • Initial teacher education programs in Atlantic Canada
  • Governance of initial teacher education
  • Design of initial teacher education programs
  • Field experiences in initial teacher education
  • Pedagogies of initial teacher education (within university courses, not including field experiences; the authors are particularly but not exclusively looking at the following: Action research, Analysis of teaching, Portfolios, Service learning, Problem-based learning, Cases and case study, Digital technologies, Microteaching
  • History of initial teacher education in Canada
  • Philosophical issues in initial teacher education
  • Aboriginal Initial Teacher Education
  • Rural initial teacher education
  • Social justice issues in initial teacher education
  • Globalization and internationalization of initial teacher education

If you find that one or more of your references address a particular theme listed, we invite you to list for each applicable theme those references and send your structured list to Mike Link.

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