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Please be advised that going forward the Human Resources Department will no longer be distributing paper copies of job postings through the campus mail.  All UPEI job opportunities can be viewed electronically from the HR website.   Human Resources also operates a list serve should you wish to receive daily email notification of staff job opportunities that are posted. You can sign up for the list serve in the grey box located on the web page referenced above.

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UPEI moved to a new an improved version of Moodle on Monday, 05-Aug-2013.  Please note that all current courses will remain at the old address.

There is a link at the top of moodle.upei.ca called “Old Moodle” where you will also be able to access your courses.  Please note that when you want to move your old courses into the New Moodle you will need to go through the backup and restore process.

To learn how to do the backup and restore process, and to get an idea of the
new Moodle features, please have a look at the UPEI New Moodle Features playlist.

All questions from faculty and staff on Moodle should be directed to moodle@upei.ca.

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An event was held July 24th celebrating our alumni, MEd award recipients, key staff and faculty who are leaving and BEd(K) students who finished their degree requirements after three long years!  Check the link or Education’s facebook page for photos from this great event!

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There are a couple of wonderful things to celebrate in the Faculty of Education recently:

♥ Congratulations! Our very own Linda Marie and Garrie Young were married at Morrell United Church on Saturday, August 3rd. Our very best wishes to the happy couple!  ♥

☺And congratulations to Jill & Ryan Ross, who are expecting a new addition to their adorable family in the new year ☺

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3 Responses to 06-Aug-2013

  1. Liz Townsend says:

    Congratulations to Linda & Garrie, and to Jill and Ryan. All wonderful news! see you after the summer, Liz Townsend

    • Cynthia MacDonald says:

      Congratulations to Linda and Garrie on their wedding. Best wishes to Jill and Ryan as they await the arrival of their new addition to their family. It is wonderful to have all this upbeat news !

  2. Jane says:

    I also send congratulations out. Linda and Garrie, the best to you on your marriage. Jill and Ryan, what wonderful news! Congratulations.

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